Grasshopper Productions offer a unique collection of children’s DVDs.  Acclaimed actors, artists, animators and composers helped to make each film a lasting delight for both children and adults. First shown on UK television and sold internationally, there are three live action and seven animated titles.

Grasshopper was set up by Joy Whitby, the distinguished children’s television producer who originated Play School and Jackanory for the BBC. Other memorable series which she devised or masterminded include The Growing Summer and Catweazle for London Weekend Television and The Book Tower and The EBU Drama Exchange for Children during her ten years as Head of Children’s Programmes at Yorkshire Television. She was a member of the first Board of Channel 4, sat on the National Trust’s Advisory Panel for Youth, the Board of the Unicorn Theatre and the Board of the International Child Care Trust. She now works as an independent, writing and producing for Grasshopper Productions and Grasshopper Books. Grasshopper books is a new enterprise set up by Joy in 2018. 

Alison de Vere who died in 2001, collaborated on many of the animations in The Grasshopper Collection. She started her career working on classics like Yellow Submarine and Kubrick’s 2001 and over the years produced award-winning films of her own, notably her masterpiece The Black DogA Small Miracle was her last storyboard.