Grasshopper Island Paperback

Based on her much-loved 1970’s television series, Joy Whitby’s story of three brothers living free from responsible adult supervision is as joyful, appealing and life-affirming today as when it was first published, and even more satisfying for young readers.

Ages 5 and upwards.

Most people try to escape at some time or other. Toughy, Smarty and Mouse are lucky. Their escape plan takes them to the apparently deserted Grasshopper Island and total freedom – no more haircuts or school dinners, no more hugs and kisses. And no more grown ups! But is Grasshopper Island really uninhabited? Could the boys’ idyllic new way of life be under threat?

“As a child, I loved reading adventure stories, by authors like Arthur Ransome and Enid Blyton. Grasshopper Island is even better because, as an adult, I can love it now and share the love with children. A lovely adventurous read.” Tim Brooke-Taylor



Grasshopper Island Audiobook

This audio version of Grasshopper Island is ideal for younger children. Goodies hero, Tim Brooke-Taylor, who played all the Voices of Authority in the Seventies television series, narrates the whole story with music from the original films.

Ages 5 and upwards

Storyteller Tim Brooke-Taylor
Music by Wilfred Josephs
Written and Produced by Joy Whitby

Duration: 110 minutes