Stories from East of the Moon

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A collection of seven short animated films selected from the award-winning television series based on the Terry Jones Fairy Tales, illustrated by Michael Foreman

These original and witty stories explore the traditional fairytale world of witches, dragons, ghosts and giants. Why Birds Sing in the Morning is a nature myth; Three Raindrops is about short-lived vanity; The Corn Dolly is another moral tale about a peevish little Corn Dolly who is never satisfied; The Island of Purple Fruits shows the difference between dreams and reality; in The Sea Tiger the animals of the jungle try to stop their friend from telling enormous lies; a giant wave sweeps Bill Stoker on board a ghost ship in The Ship of Bones; and in The Wonderful Cake Horse a biscuit comes to life and sets off in search of a companion. Alison de Vere’s animations are based on Michael Foreman’s original illustrations.

Ages 4 and upwards

"A mixture of Andersen, Brecht, Tolstoy and the Arabian Nights..." Channel 4

"...sophisticated enough to appeal to adults" Broadcast

Music and Narration by Neil Innes
Voices by Grey Evans, Tony Kyle, Sharon Morgan and Alison de Vere
Animation by Alison de Vere
Produced by Joy Whitby

First shown on Channel 4